Tuesday, February 03, 2004

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Heres a really cool international tool that updates currency w/out clicking a button. This business specializes in helping you add currency-conversion tools to your site so that your customers can see the product prices in their local (and up-to-date value) currencies on your site.
Australia-based JAZConvert aims to reduce 'currency confusion' for e-tailers that sell products internationally by enabling their sites to display product prices in the currency of the visitor viewing the site - on the fly. A subscription-based service that can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis, JAZConvert detects the country from which a Web site visitor is viewing the site and displays the appropriate currency.
The international currency rates are automatically updated every day on the eJAZ server so you don't need to manually change or update the prices. Unlike traditional pop-up currency converters, JAZconvert requires no clicking or price entry by the site visitor, removing currency confusion that can impede a sale to a potential international customer."