Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama Wins the Web SEM Game

One of the cool sessions at SMX East was Search and US Presidential Campaign. It included online marketers for campaigns of Mitt Romney, McCain-Palin, Ron Paul, and John Edwards. The session was covered live- very nicely by Virginia Nussey of Bruce Clay.

Since then I've seen some other editorial pieces on how bad McCain's PPC program is doing and other articles on the scope and strength of Obama's online marketing.

So I decided to look at the SEM differences.

A Google result for John McCain provides

John McCain 2008
Get Involved and Support The GOP's
Nominee for President John McCain.

In comparison a search for Obama results in

Obama Campaign Website
Help elect Barack Obama President
of the United States: Donate today

The Obama ad is much more compelling, so I decided to look at the Obama website.

instantly he continues to use smart direct marketing tactics - starting with a subscription generator splash page. You immediately start receiving auto generate emails with strong calls to action. But it's done it very professionally, it doesn't come off as spam, and works well to build a brand relationship.

After subscribing I was then taken directly to a nice page breaking down the issues.

I wanted to see how the site reacted upon a second return, and it landed me on a donation page with little else I could do. A very well planned execution to get people to remember to contribute, and get trained not to use the PPC ads to get to the official website.

One you figure out how to get back to his website he makes use of blogging, flicker photo sharing, YouTube videos, and links to every one of his 16 social network accounts.

Really impressive is an option to join his SMS mailing list. This has to give him extra points with the the teens.

It's no wonder that between focusing on the young; recruiting new voters; and keeping the conversation going via email and SMS, he's been able to easly raise 200 million dollars online one form at a time.

This is no presidential endorsement, but I have say - Obama has already won the online marketing race.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Interview with Bill Scully

Nice interview of me about being a search engine marketer by Duane Forrester. Covers everything from how I got my start as search marketer and biggest SEO challenge to my opinion of the future of careers in search engine optimization.

Check it out.