Thursday, March 30, 2017

I'm Writing for Smart and Resilient Cities

Smart & Resilient Cities™ is an independent resource for urban planners, leaders and visionaries, commerce developers and academics who are looking for solutions to tomorrow’s challenges of adapting legacy urban centers to accommodate future economic and social needs.

I've been asked to be a consultant and contributor to their Marketing Resources.  

I've already published a couple marketing articles:

Friday, September 09, 2016

New Digital Marketing and Search Consulting Company

In January I started my own digital marketing and seo strategy company in the Hartford, CT area but I'm taking customers virtually anywhere in the US and Germany.  The focus is getting clients to the first page of Google using best practice search engine optimization and digital consulting so the traffic generated is of high quality so they convert.  Overall the goals are to increase your business.

Why use me? As a senior marketing professional with extensive digital marketing experience, I have spent the past 15+ years working in a number of progressive digital marketing capacities, setting goals, developing revenue generating marketing plans, being the digital marketing evangelist, and building high functioning teams.  I am comfortable consulting business leaders using web data analysis to drive decisions, or meeting with product managers to train them how write valuable web content is so their customers can find them in search.  I have managed the complete sales and marketing funnel and increased business KPI’s dramatically. Most importantly I have real-life, enterprise international in-the-trenches business experience, my focus always returns to driving qualified traffic, and getting visitors to take action on websites.

I have served as a Director of Digital Marketing for Siemens and Dräger Medical, and was the Siemens International Search Engine Consultant.  I'm a master at uncovering and supporting customer intent, and now run Digital Marketing Fuel, LLC a digital search marketing consulting company.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Internet is a Fad - 11 Years Later

WOW I found this old stat from 2005 in my drafts folder.  

E-commerce begins to come of age 10 years after birth - Yahoo! News: "LOS ANGELES (AFP) - A decade after led a cyber-shopping revolution that threatened to demolish bricks-and-mortar stores, rash web sites have perished while the sage have evolved to survive.

As consumers begin to trust the Internet to satisfy their shopping, travel and banking needs, cyber business is expected to account for 7.7 percent of total US consumer spending this year, experts said Thursday.
And as an industry groundbreaker, Amazon, which saw many of its early competitors disappear without trace, deserves a great deal of credit for the acceptance and growth of electronic-commerce, experts said.
'Amazon introduced a lot of people to online shopping,' Jeffrey Grau of eMarketer research firm told AFP. 'Amazon is not only a survivor, it is a technology innovator.'
Web features that debuted on Amazon's site have become industry standards, while customers have warmed up to other forms of ecommerce after cutting their teeth on books and videos, Grau said.
Online retail sales in the US market, the world's most developed, amounted to 141.4 billion dollars in 2004, with more than 52 billion spent on travel, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).
Some 172.4 billion dollars will be spent online in 2005, with 62.8 billion of that spent on travel, the NRF predicted, as consumer wariness in online technology and security begins to fade.
Online retail sales will double to 331 billion dollar by 2010, with ecommerce growing to account for 13 percent of overall retail sales, predicts Carrie Johnson of Forrester Research.
When Internet businesses such as opened their virtual doors for busine"

And then did some research and found this from last month...

In 2016, total retail sales across the globe will reach $22.049 trillion, up 6.0% from the previous year. eMarketer estimates sales will top $27 trillion in 2020, even as annual growth rates slow over the next few years, as explored in a new eMarketer report, “Worldwide Retail Ecommerce Sales: The eMarketer Forecast for 2016” (eMarketer PRO customers only). 
Retail ecommerce sales in North America will rise 15.6% this year to reach $423.34 billion, maintaining the area’s status as the world’s second largest regional ecommerce market. The region will see consistent double-digit growth through 2020, fueled by increased spending from existing digital buyers, expansion into new categories such as grocery, and growing mcommerce sales. - See more at:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Google Uses its Power for Good

Some of the best ideas are simple. Google Launches Boston Marathon Person Finder.  Here is an example of how to use the crowd to power a missing person search in the wake of a disaster.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How Google Fights to Keep Out Bad Ads

Google describes how they keep ads safe via an Infographic, and how may ads they have removed.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's a SEO SEM Manager's Worth?

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) is conducting a survey to assess the compensation and skill set of search marketing professionals in relation to region and responsibly.
This survey is open to all search and digital marketing professionals you do not need to be SEMPO member.
Marketers taking the survey can request a free summary report, and are entered into a drawing to win a Platinum Pass to SES NY 2013, or one of five $25 Amazon vouchers.
The survey data to be collected includes salary, bonuses, benefits and perks, years of experience, responsibilities beyond SEO and SEM like social media, email, number of accounts, budgets etc. 
With the current demand for talent, the report should be a valuable tool to hiring managers and job seekers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Facebook the new local search?

With yesterday's announcement of the new Facebook Graph Search, many business owners will eventually be wondering, “How do I make sure my business gets found in Facebook search?” Great article by +Matt McGee over at Search Engine land. Search Engine Land. It may become the local search engine of choice in the future because it lets Facebook users search in real time for information based on its association with other people.  What leads me to believe this is you're already logged in to Facebook, and can easily be influenced to get things done by seeing a wall post, and simply clicking into the FB search box.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Can Google Instant Preview CTR Effect Your Quality Score?

Martin Roettgerding has written a fantastic article over at ppc-epiphany on how and why Google might calculate and use quality score in determining ad rank and click prices.  I personally have not been able to see any major impact working on PPC landing page quality, but his logic is really strong.  Generally it boils down to that fact that Instant Preview CTRs can help Google estimate potential revenue, and  use it to their advantage.  Today your landing page does actually make a difference to Google's bottom line.  

He notes that the typical optimization used in SEO provides little quality score improvement and provides advice on how to optimize for the preview, with ideas like making the page more attractive by getting rid of text and using images to improve your CTRs.

This is a must read for the advanced PPC manager and people still trying to understand why Google has moved to using landing page score quality in determining ad rank and click prices.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Did Google Results Favor Obama?

A Wall Street Journal examination found that Google often customizes the results of people who have recently searched for "Obama"—but not those who have recently searched for "Romney."

Here's how it works: When a user searches for the name Obama, Google includes links about President Barack Obama in subsequent searches on terms such as "Iran," "Medicare" and "gay marriage." The altered results are labeled in gray type: "you recently searched for Obama".

You might think that there’s some type of Obama favoritism but it's not something Google’s doing on purpose. It’s just part of how the algorithm works and happens because Google has seen a number of people searching for Obama, then searching for these other terms, it has decided it makes sense to insert some Obama-oriented results into those other searches for many people.

The findings are among the latest examples of how mathematical influence the search results that people encounter online.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama Wins the Web SEM Game

One of the cool sessions at SMX East was Search and US Presidential Campaign. It included online marketers for campaigns of Mitt Romney, McCain-Palin, Ron Paul, and John Edwards. The session was covered live- very nicely by Virginia Nussey of Bruce Clay.

Since then I've seen some other editorial pieces on how bad McCain's PPC program is doing and other articles on the scope and strength of Obama's online marketing.

So I decided to look at the SEM differences.

A Google result for John McCain provides

John McCain 2008
Get Involved and Support The GOP's
Nominee for President John McCain.

In comparison a search for Obama results in

Obama Campaign Website
Help elect Barack Obama President
of the United States: Donate today

The Obama ad is much more compelling, so I decided to look at the Obama website.

instantly he continues to use smart direct marketing tactics - starting with a subscription generator splash page. You immediately start receiving auto generate emails with strong calls to action. But it's done it very professionally, it doesn't come off as spam, and works well to build a brand relationship.

After subscribing I was then taken directly to a nice page breaking down the issues.

I wanted to see how the site reacted upon a second return, and it landed me on a donation page with little else I could do. A very well planned execution to get people to remember to contribute, and get trained not to use the PPC ads to get to the official website.

One you figure out how to get back to his website he makes use of blogging, flicker photo sharing, YouTube videos, and links to every one of his 16 social network accounts.

Really impressive is an option to join his SMS mailing list. This has to give him extra points with the the teens.

It's no wonder that between focusing on the young; recruiting new voters; and keeping the conversation going via email and SMS, he's been able to easly raise 200 million dollars online one form at a time.

This is no presidential endorsement, but I have say - Obama has already won the online marketing race.